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Gavin Magnus is an American Internet Personality, YouTuber, Singer, TikTok Star, Influencer and Actor. His career is mostly based on social media and television channels i.e. Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Recently, he signed a deal with Capitol Records to release his music. He often publish covers of popular songs on his self title YouTube channel. Meanwhile, he is growing popular day by day and his audience and fans are growing significantly in numbers.

Gavin Magnus Email Address, House Location Address, Phone Number, Wiki, Biography
Gavin Magnus Biography and Bio Data
Real NameGavin Magnus
Age13 years old (DOB: March 26, 2007)
Home TownLos Angeles
Martial StatusDating > Coco Quinn
Net Worth$2 million
Data Chart

Career and Prominence

Gavin Magnus is of the popular sensation of internet and singer. He is a 13 years old influencer, entertainer, singer and social media celebrity. His social media accounts has garnered million of fans especially on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. On his YouTube, he publish songs covers, vlogs, challenges and fun videos alongside friends. At her Instagram page, you will find out his best selfies, snaps and tour photos. Moreover, he is releasing his singles from last two years. Some of his best musical compositions are Crushin’, Its You, Fall, Circles, Changes, Pop It, Catching Feelings and Hearts on a Pendant. Gavin also appear as a DreamworksTV host.

Meanwhile, he is performing and debuting his acting career. His prominence has seen a growth with acting debuts, especially on kids’ television channels. Gavin got several roles in Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network produced series. One of his best appearances is based in Chicken Girls. Moreover, he has many popular influencers friends including Piper Rockelle, Coco Quinn, Sophie Fergie, and many more. Magnus is an official member of the Rock Your Hair squad. He toured with Boys of Summer. Recently, he became a member of GoatFamLA. More often, he collaborates content with Brent Rivera and Ben Azelart.


He born to American family residing in Los Angeles. His mother name is Theresa and his two older brothers are named Jakob and Justin.


He began dating social media celebrity and actress Coco Quinn, back in 2020. But in 2021, he cleared out that, both are broke.


Gavin is a professional actor, singer, social media influencer and Internet personality.

Net worth

Magnus net worth is estimated $2 million dollars. Most of his income is from television, brand promotions and YouTube.


He has a best friendship chemistry with actress Piper Rockelle. They often appear together on social media and in videos.

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House/Residence Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

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  1. Gavin Magnus and coco Quinn broke up Gavin is now dating a girl named ava monper you can find her on TikTok,Instagram,Gavin’s channel, and her older sister Tess monper youtube channel

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