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Evan Alex is a young actor who has gained prominence for playing Jake in Mani web series. Somehow, he played a short role in the series but it was the best opportunity in which he was able to work with talented young actresses and actors including Piper Rockelle, Sophoe Fergi, Coco Quinn, Amanda Misa Curtis, Trey Makai, Bryson Robinson, Isabella Leon and Merrick Hanna among others.

Somehow, many users know his work from the horror movie Us and Kids Reenact. Kids Reenact was one of the early debuts in 2016 and whereas he was a cast member in Us in 2019. He has worked with Anna Diop, Lupita Nyong’o, Elisabeth Moss, Shahadi Wright Joseph and Noelle Sheldon among others.

In childhood, he was motivated to become a basketball or soccer player but as soon he got his first role, his dream of becoming a sportsman vanished and he continued his acting journey with more passion and motivation. He hs made a guest appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Moreover, he has played a role of Jason in Not Summer Camp, Christopher in The Cape, Kwame in We Are Kings, Gabe in A Friend and Selim in Black Boy Joy. His upcoming film is Eight. Furthermore, he played a short role in Kidding, Her Shoes, The Kid, Mirrors and The Premonition.

Actor Evan Alex
Mani Actor Evan Alex

In case you want to communicate Evan Alex, then use his email address His phone number is currently not available and his house location is Los Angeles, California, United States. It is also possible to contact Evan through social media. Open his Instagram profile @superevanalex, twitter @superevanalex or facebook page @superevanalex and follow him. After following use the message option to begin communication. For Twitter, tag him into your tweet or rather use a direct message.

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