Thunderman’s Maya Le Clark Phone Number, Email, Address & Bio Data

Maya Le Clark is a 12 years old actress and social media celebrity who came to existence to her audience memory after justifying the role in Nickelodeon’s The Thundermans. Her role Chloe Thunderman in the series garnered huge responses from the viewers and she became a new shing and rising star in the television.

She acted alongside Rosa Blasi, Elijah Nelson, Thomas Barbusca, Diego Velazquez, Addison Riecke and Kira Kosarin in The Thundermans.

Moreover, she has appeared in many other series, programs and shows like Ho Ho Holiday Special and many series are under production. At such young age and getting such prominence and popularity is just a miracle and an outstanding award for her hard work and dedication to her acting career.

I know, you like her and you are one of her millions of fans around the world who not only watch her series, shows, films but also following her social media accounts and always wanted to get in touch with her directly via phone, email and hopefully wanna give a try to fan mail.

Once she told her classmate in junior school that she want to become an actress or singer and she dream of getting film award. However, her dream is now complete as she debuted in Hollywood with the The Thundermans Return film.

As a hobby, she plays sports and also calls herself Athlete. Her favorite game is soccer and football, and after getting free from acting, she plays soccer with her team.

Maya Le Clark
Maya Le Clark (Actress)

Maya Le Clark phone number is also available online, thanks to her social media posts where she has given her number for business inquiries and fan mails. Call her on +1 3102234445 WhatsApp and facetime with same number.

In case of her email and house address. You can use her recent email id i.e. whereas her house address is same for fan mails i.e. Maya Le Clark, San Diego 92014, California, United States.

When she was asked by a fan to Maya that what she like about San Diego, she replied that she like its beaches and atmosphere and she has a great love for her hometown because she grew up there along her siblings and played with her hometown neighbors and friends.

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