Alabama’s Singer Maddox Batson Contact Information

Maddox Batson is a 14 years old singer and influencer who born in Hermitage, Tennessee. He got a chance to show his talent with the help of soical media. Soon after creating TikTok account, he got the idea to showcase his singing to the audience which resulted in a viral trend to his videos and he became an internet sensation. He received a lot of likes (in millions) and also millions of fans to his social id.

Moreover, he shared cover songs, especially on Zach Bryan, Morgan Wallen and other similar artists. His prominence skyrocketed in 2023- 2024 era and his popularity is growing every single day. Maddox has performed live at Alabama’s Cotton field Bar & Grill.

His contact information are given for business inquiries, prs and fan communication.

  1. Phone Number: Maddox Batson phone number is Alabama’s connection i.e. +1 256 7783 MAD. He is attending calls from business managers and fans. Whatsapp account is created on same number and it allows you to send text messages and voice notes to Maddox Batson.
  2. Email Address: The email id is also shared to his fans and you can send email messages to Batson on this id:
  3. House Address: Maddox was living in Hermitage, Tennessee but later he moved to Alabama. His current address is: “Maddox Batson, 35205 Birmingham, Alabama, United States.
Maddox Batson contact details
Maddox Batson (Alabama’s Singer)
  • Social Addresses: His social addresses are as follows:
  • Instagram: @maddoxbatson
  • Facebook: @61553225361776
  • YouTube: @MaddoxBatson channel
  • Website:
  • TikTok: @maddoxbatson

You have seen fans visiting the houses of their favorite celebrities but here Maddox is surprising his fans visiting their houses. So, he will welcome your calls, emails and messages to his contact mediums. So, give a try!

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