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Crazy Family Introduction

Large YouTuber family who create content altogether for over 1M subscribers, never leaving a stone unturned to entertain their followers.

Parents Aaron and Crystal Pettit started the channel and features their adopted along with biological children and they create challenges, vlogs, pranks, holiday special content, and other siblings fun.

Crazy Pieces Family Photo
Crazy Pieces Family Members Photo

Member’s Birthdays, Role, Trivia, and other Data

Family MemberDate of BirthHobbiesProfessionSkillsRole in GroupTrivia
Aaron PettitJuly 21, 1981Fishing, HikingElectrical EngineerDIY ProjectsFather, LeaderCo-created the channel with Crystal
Crystal PettitOctober 19, 1985Cooking, GardeningFull-time Mom, YouTuberOrganizingMother, OrganizerSpends about $2,000/month on groceries
Halie PettitApril 9, 2004Photography, ReadingStudentCreative WritingEldest Biological ChildLoves to create photo albums
Max PettitJanuary 11, 2005Basketball, GamingStudentSportsBiological ChildWants to be a professional athlete
Logan PettitMarch 18, 2011Drawing, SoccerStudentArtBiological ChildLoves playing with his dog
Alex PettitFebruary 7, 2003Skateboarding, MusicStudentPlaying GuitarAdopted ChildDreams of being in a band
Ariana PettitJuly 22, 2002Dance, CookingStudentBakingAdopted ChildLoves baking for family events
Hannah PettitSeptember 17, 2004Painting, ReadingStudentArtAdopted ChildPlans to attend art school
Jake PettitJune 1, 2007Baseball, Science ExperimentsStudentSTEMAdopted ChildLoves to conduct science experiments
Brody PettitMay 5, 2013Soccer, DrawingStudentArtAdopted ChildEnjoys playing with siblings
Aurora PettitSeptember 19, 2016Playing with dolls, DancingPreschoolerCreativityAdopted ChildYoungest in the family
Jamie RuizMarch 14, 1993Fitness, CookingFitness TrainerNutritionAdopted AdultInspires family with fitness goals
Melinda PettitNovember 30, 1994Reading, VolunteeringSocial WorkerCommunity ServiceAdopted AdultPassionate about helping others
Savannah PettitFebruary 10, 2008Crafts, SwimmingStudentDIY ProjectsAdopted ChildEnjoys making crafts for family
Lucas PettitNovember 28, 2006Playing Piano, SoccerStudentMusicAdopted ChildWants to be a professional pianist
Bella PettitJuly 1, 2007Drawing, ReadingStudentArtAdopted ChildLoves creating art for school
Rylan PettitAugust 12, 2010Basketball, Video GamesStudentSportsAdopted ChildDreams of playing in the NBA
Liam PettitApril 14, 2012Drawing, Playing with PetsStudentArtAdopted ChildLoves animals and wants to be a vet

Collaborations with Creators

The Crazy Pieces YouTube family has collaborated with various other creators and brands. Notable collaborations include working with the Crazy Middles family, The Ohana Adventure, the Norris Nuts, and several YouTube channels focused on large family dynamics.

Contact Crazy Pieces Family

It is easy to contact Crazy Family because they have public their contact details to fans for mails, messages, and inquiries. Below, you can proceed to the contact process with the given information.

Email Address

P O Box Address (Send FanMails)

Crazy Pieces Family Official House Address: Crazy Pieces P.O. Box 21360 Mesa, AZ 85277, United States

Make sure you write the family member’s name in the letter to whom you are referring your mail or message.

Phone Number

The family has a common telephone number for online contact, inquiries, business, and fan requests. Contact at: +1(480) 589-4430

Social Media Messaging

Don’t miss the social media messaging option to contact family online. They are available on various social media platforms which have a messaging option. Check the profiles below and use them for your online messages.

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