Landon Barker Contact Details, Girlfriend, Rap Career

Have you watched Meet the Barkers and seen the whole Barkers family on screen, then you surely know Landon Barker who was a kid is all grown up to be a man along with immense career growth. But still, the base behind his success and prosperity is the all-time famous “Meet the Barkers” MTV reality series. Nowadays, he is a rapper, singer, actor, and social media influencer.

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His father Travis Barker is a famous drummer for The Transplants and Blink-182. Landon’s mother Shanna Moakler, is a prominent model and beauty pageant winner. His sister Alabama Barker is also a notable singer and actress. Atiana De La Hoya is his half-sister from his mother’s relationship.

Landon Barker Contact Info, Career, Family and Girlfriend
Landon Barker Contact Info, Career, Family and Girlfriend

Contact Details

Several active contact methods and procedures are given. Adapt these and follow the instructions to communicate with Landon in less time and more efficiently.

Email Address

Barker is receiving emails at

House Address

Landon Barker S/o Travis Barker, The Barkers House, 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, California 90401, United States.

The added house address is the house of Landon’s father Travis Barker. Just type Landon’s name on the mail so that it goes directly to him.

How to Contact through Instagram

Follow the procedure to contact Landon Barker through Instagram.

  1. Open Barker’s social media Instagram Profile

    Landon Barker’s Instagram profile is active and ready to initiate communication via direct message.

  2. Follow his profile

    First, you need to follow him from your own account, so that the message option appears.

  3. Click “Message”

    You have to click on message button so that a chat window appears for sending and receiving messages.

  4. Write you message and click on Send.

    You can write any message you want to send to Landon Barker. Moreover, you will be notified when he reads your message as well as when he reply you back.

Communication via TikTok Messages (Instructions)

  1. Go to Landon Barker TikTok Page
  2. Become a fan
  3. Send Messages/images/videos with the help of TikTok chat and direct message.
Don’t Spam Barker’s inbox. You have to send 1 -2 messages and wait for 3 days for responce back. He will get to you shortly!


Landon Barker is also famous for his romantic and dating history. His name is attached to multiple famous and young celebrities like Charli D’Amelio. In his teenage, Landon dated Total Eclipse actress and Perkin Sisters celebrity Devenity Perkins. However, the relationship lasted for 6 years and couple separated their paths later.

Soon after a breakup with Devenity, Landon Barker fell in love with TikTok star and social media celebrity Charli D’Amelio in 2022. The couple has announced separation in February 2024.


In professional life, Landon is a singer, rapper and actor. In addition, he created content for social media and sustained millions of fans across social platforms. However, his presence is noticeable in Meet the Barkers, Downfalls High, and Landon Barker: Friends with Your EX.

His rap and music contributions are inclusive of Trust, Rollercoaster, Death of California, Blue Christmas, Holiday, Skulls and Die in California among others.

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