Dhar Mann: Life Story, Contact Number, Official Email and Fan Mail Address

Who is Dhar Mann?

Dhar Mann is a prominent influencer known for his film productions, YouTube, Web series, social media content, and collaborations. Nowadays, he is famous on YouTube for having 22 million active subscribers where he posts inspirational, moral, values, and dignified shorts, scripted videos, and entertaining content. However, he got famous for his TV series “Dhar Mann”.

He earned a graduation degree in political science from the University of California, Davis, and began his real estate business company called MannEdge Properties. His father invested a lot in his business but unfortunately, some of Mann’s business did not survive and closed for many reasons including lawsuits. However, he survived with his film production, social media, and company Dhar Mann Studios.

He has collaborations with Royalty Family, Cole Labrant, Anazala Family, SSSniperWolf, Ben Azelart, Lilly Singh, Pierson, Nastya, Sofie Dossi, Salish Matter, Jordan Matter, Adam W, Oliver Tree, Brent Rivera, and CodyKo etc.
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His Ventures and Ongoing Projects

Dhar Mann mini TV series: The series is starring Dhar Mann, Devon Weetly, Ayden Mekus, Cole LaBrant, Alex Stokes, Alan Stokes, Shaun Dixon, Kaido Lee Roberts, Neela Jolene, Katherine Norland, Shaunte Massard, Brianni Walker and Angelee Vera maong others.

weGrow: His business weGrow store was founded in 2010 was closed two years later because of lawsuits between partners. His partner was Derek Peterson.

MannEdge Properties: He founded a real estate business with the company name MannEdge Properties and he was later convicted of defrauding.

Dhar Mann’s Dating History and Family Circle

He has a dating history with Laura Gyrola since 2019. He later married her and started a YouTube channel together titled “Dhar and Laura”. The couple has two children named Ella Rose and Myla.

Dhar Mann’s parents were migrants from the Asian country India. They settled in the United States and started a property and taxi business. His parents are Baljit Kaur and Surinder Singh.

Official Email and Fan Mail Address

Email Address for Brands, Inquiries, Fans, Hiring and Collaborations: reps@dharmann.com

Official Email Address: info@dharmann.com

Fan Mail Address: Dhar Mann, 705 W 9th St Ph 4, Los Angeles, California, 90015, United States of America.

Contact Number for Fan and Business Inquiries

Dhar Mann’s Public Phone Number: 213-212-4550

Business Phone Number: 213-212-Mann

Text me at 213-212-4550 and I’ll add you to my texting circle. (Dhar Mann)

His total Net Worth

As a successful entrepreneur, film producer, and social media star, he owns a net worth of $45 million (record year 2024). However, much of his income is from Dhar Mann’s Studio and YouTube content.

Dhar Mann purchased Khloe Kardasian’s Mansion.
Dhar Mann's Contact Profile and Life Story
Dhar Mann’s Contact Profile and Life Story

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