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Leilani Castro is best known for her social media journey started with Instagram, later gain popularity on TikTok app. She has collectively garnered million of fans online.

Leilani Castro Wiki, Biography, Age, Contact, Address, Email, Number
Leilani Castro Wiki, Biography, Age, Contact, Address
Real NameLeilani Castro
Age19 years old
Home TownCalifornia
Martial StatusDating > Reed Woehrle
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Career and Prominence

Leilani is a social media personality, who arose to fame for her social media debuts and content. Her career started in 2018 by creating self-title Instagram profile. Later, she created her leilaniii2 (TikTok account) to post Lip Syncing, Duets and Dance videos. On YouTube, she is better known for makeup content, POVs and brief inspirational vlogs. 

His prominence increased in last 2 years for consistent post of videos and publishing content on various socials media profiles. As per now, she successfully earned 8 million TikTok fans and 1 million Instagram followers. On her YouTube channel, there is a half million subscriptions.


Leilani real name is Leilani Green. Castro is her surname. Her parents are living in common house located in California. She has no siblings.


Castro began dating another famous male TikTok star Reed Woehrle in 2019. They are still together in relationship.


Leilani is a professional internet celebrity. She spend more than 8 hours on creating and posting content to her social media accounts for followers.

Net worth

Her net worth reaches $1 million USD. She spent a lot of amount on buying fashionable cloths.


Leilani Castro Green is a Crown verified TikTok creator and Verified badge holder on YouTube.

Social Media Addresses:

Below you can see social media contact addresses of Leilani Castro. Her email address and phone number can also be found below if they publicly posted online by herself.

Instagram Address: https://www.instagram.com/leilaniii1/

Twitter ID: https://twitter.com/leilaniii2_

Email Address: Leilanigreen.booking@gmail.com

TikTok Profile: https://www.tiktok.com/@leilaniii2

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvv6m4WIQ30A3AkpKvPz6lQ

Location: California, United States

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