13 Interesting Facts About Pierson Wodzynski (Tiktoker)

It is time to learn interesting and amazing facts about popular influencer and known as TikTok star “Pierson Wodzynski”. Facts given are related to her Life, Career, Contact, Dating and Friends circle.

Pierson Wodzynski Facts (Total 13)
Pierson Wodzynski Facts
  1. Pierson Wodzynski’s most famous social media account is her TikTok profile where she has 18 million active followers. However, her YouTube channel is the second most popular with 5.5 million fans. Somehow she managed to have 3 million followers on her Instagram account as well.
  2. She created a lot of collaborative content, especially with Bryce Hall, Logan Wodzynski, Brent Rivera and Lexi Rivers. In fact, she dated Brent Rivera for more than years but later broke up. But she still creates content with him and considers him as a best friend.
  3. She graduated from the University of California and also attended EL Camino College for her education.
  4. Pierson is signed to Ampstudios, and her email address is pierson@ampstudios.co hosted on Amp Studios’ official domain.
  5. Her YouTube content is just amazing as she covers a lot of topics, categories and things such as vlogs on expensive gadgets, tough challenges, trying unique and new things, celebrating events and other milestones, meeting famous celebrities and destroying expensive things among others.
  6. Pierson resides in California and her house address is located in Santa Barbara. Her complete residence location is at 414 E Sola St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101, USA.
  7. She once shared her phone number with her subscribers. However, she shared for texts only but people rushed her phone with calls resulting in her putting on silent mode. However, her number shared to the public were +18059660909.
  8. Her net-worth is increasing in 2024 because of her regular income from her YouTube channel and other paid promotions. Her current net worth is estimated $2 million.
  9. She is single and looking for a new boyfriend these days.
  10. She was a part of TV shows like AMP World, Enclave Celebrity Invitational 2023, Date Takeover among others.
  11. Pierson dream career is to become Hollywood actress. She has shown a little interest in music and singing.
  12. In 2024, she loosened almost 5 pounds of weight.
  13. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches.
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