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A group of three sisters occasionally share videos on a YouTube channel related to life hacks, fun, sketches, parodies, and vlogs. They are named by Giselle Lomelino, Mercedes Lomelino and Evangeline Lomelino. Although, their gaming content is also very popular among their content consumers/subscribers.

GEM sisters release songs like Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, Lazy Summer, and Feliz Navida. Moreover, they publish videos like “Funny School Recess Stories”, “Sisters Staying Up Late Funny Stories”, “My Little Sister is a Super Hero”, and Sisters Funny Pizza Challenge” among many others.

We are real life sisters in LA who make comedy & gaming videos + a book series😘
— GEM Sisters
Many celebrities and Influencers follow them on Instagram, especially Piper Rockelle.
Gem Sisters are as popular as Haschak Sisters in 2024 but subscribers wise Haschak Sisters are leading.

Contact Info

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Email |
Fan Mail2225 Cloverdale Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90016, USA
Telephone+1 310 556 4332
Instagram [DM for business inquiries]
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Facebook [DM for business inquiries]
Gem Sisters
Gem Sisters (YouTuber)

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