Instructions to Communicate Jiji Wonder (YouTuber)

Jiji Wonder is known for her YouTube content and collaborations with the family. She is a member of Wonder Family which consists of his brothers Nidal Wonder, Meshan Wonder and Juju Wonder alongside her parents named Mama Wonder and Papa Wonder. However, the family is getting much more popular each coming day for their variety and interesting content.


She started her channel in June 2021, and to date, she has 16 videos on her self-titled channel. Currently, her channel has garnered 160K subscribers. In fact, her greater number of videos are collaborations on other channels like Nidal & Juju, Nidal Wonder etc.

Here are the contact instructions that will navigate you to the shortest and efficient way to deliver your message to internet personality Jiji. First of all, note down that you should be her fan or subscriber before initiating communication because you may be required to follow her before communicating in several methods.

  1. My recommendation is to simply take her email id and send her a beautiful email.
  2. For autographs request, attach your page or text in an email and she try her best to sign them and send it back.
  3. In addition, you can simply send a mail via post to her address and the address is the same for all siblings, as already discuss in Nidal and Juju’s page.
  4. For phone contact use: +1 310 342 3330.
  5. Another suitable way for you to communicate Jiji Wonder with no costs and ease of access is the use of Instagram messaging and twitter tweet tag. For that, first follow her on Instagram @jiji.wonder and then the message option will appear on your browser or mobile app.
  6. And the same for twitter, you need to follow her to get a response to your tweet where you will tag her.
  7. On tiktok her username is @jiji.wonder and direct message option is available after becoming a fan.
JiJi Wonder
Jiji Wonder
Messages and mails should be in English and Arabic language only.

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