Juju Ajib: Facts and Figures

Juju Ajib is a hardworking YouTuber who creates content alongside his brother Nidal Ajib also known as Nidal Wonder on social media. Both brothers share a common YouTube channel and Insatgram Page called “Juju & Nidal” where they create gymnastics, pranks, do and don’ts, Challenges, Vlogs, gaming streams, and comedic sketches to entertain their 1.7 million subscribers.

Brothers Duo not only creates entertaining videos for subscribers but also participates in charity live streams and fundraising events to give back to their community and support noble causes. Often feature other family members including, mother, sister and brothers.

Moreover, Juju spends hours learning games and techniques before streaming games and creating videos on them. Hard work, passion, and dedication helped him to pave the way to success and to earn loyal followers across social media platforms.

Juju and Nidal YouTube Journey So far:

  • Total Subscribers: 1.7 Million
  • Total Views so far: 323 Million 
  • Total Videos uploaded: 340+
  • Channel Link: @JujuNidal
  • Channel Created on: 3 May 2018

How to Contact JuJu Ajib and Nidal Wonder:

Contact details of Nidal Wonder are already posted on another page “Popular Youtuber Nidal Wonder Phone Number and Contact Access“. And Juju’s contact details are added below:

  • JuJu Email Address: Jamelwonder@gmail.com
  • Residence and Fan Mail Address: 93619 Clovis, California, United States
  • Phone Number: +1 310 998 Juju
  • Whatsapp Number: +1 310 342 3334
  • Instagram ID: @jamelwonder
Juju Ajib from YouTube Channel Juju & Nidal
Juju Ajib from YouTube Channel Juju & Nidal
He has been into a relationship but he has not shared his girlfriend’s name yet. And, his total networth reaches $1 million and most of his income is from YouTube channel. He shares income from YouTube with his brother Nidal Ajib aka Nidal Wonder.

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