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Introduction to Percy Hynes White

Canadian Actor is known for his role as Xavier Thorpe in Wednesday and Elliot Wazowski in Pretty Hard Cases along with others. His career began with Down to the Dirt in 2008 where he was seen first in short films like Moera: Fact or Fantasy? in 2003.

He belongs to an industry and his family background somewhere passionate him about becoming an actor and secure a first role in the age of 5. His father is actor and writer Joel Thomas Hynes and his mother is writer and producer Sherry White.

In acting career, he not only established his successful image but also earned approximately $12 million in net worth. He is seen with numerous girls and co stars but he has not dated anyone yet and is single but ready to mingle.

His Projects and Cast roles

Percy Hynes White has worked on more than three dozen film and TV projects and dozen of them are famous and commercially successful. However, he has played main roles as well as supporting roles in the TV series and films.

  1. He played a very interesting and important role in the Wednesday TV series alongside fellow stars Jenna Ortega, Joy Sunday, Emma Myers, Hunter Doohan, Riki Lindhome and Georgie Farmer and others.
  2. Percy is highlighted in the industry for Elliot Wazowski in Pretty Hard Cases along with Trevor Hayes, Adrienne C. Moore, Meredith MacNeill, Al Mukadam, and Katie Douglas among others.
  3. Recently, he acted in “My Old Ass” which is directed by Megan Park and stars Aubrey Plaza, Maisy Stella, Maddie Ziegler, Alexandria Rivera, Carter Trozolo and Kerrice Brooks.
  4. His other acting performances are available in Transplant, Night for Nivght, I Like Movies, Nurses, Whistle, Winter Spring Summer or Fall, The Gifted, Our House, and First Round Down along with many others.

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  1. Connect to Percy Hynes Instagram [Username = percy]
  2. Send Messages or Tweets to Percy Hynes’s Twitter handle
  3. Catch Percy on web page.

Connect & Contact Percy Hynes White for Business

Percy Hynes White (Canadian Actor)
Connect to Percy Hynes White

Method 1: Communicate him through email address:

Method 2: Catch up Percy with the help of Talent Agency: Percy Hynes White c/o Innovative Artists, 1505 10th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401-2805 USA.

Method 3: Call and talk to +1 212-659-5100

Method 4: Percy Hynes White Whatsapp & FAX Number: (310) 656-0456

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