Here is how you can communicate Lawrence Wayne Curry


  1. Founder at YOUNG LC STUDIOS
  2. Graduate of the University of South Dakota
  3. Permanent resident of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
  4. NCAA D1 Scholarship Athlete (Football)
  5. Writer and Creator of MANI (the second most-viewed series ever produced by Brat TV)
  6. He has given himself a nickname [The Young LC]
  7. Worked with prominent young actors in television such as Piper Rockelle, Jon Huertas, Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Kyle Anderson, Joe Angelo Menconi, Txunamy Ortiz, Mia Talerico, Merrick Hanna, Bryson Robinson, Julian Clark, Mark Primiano, Koushik Chattopadhyay, and Taylin Jolie etc.

Short Intro

He is a writer, director, and actor who has been known for years for his television and brat series. He is a writer and director of various television series. Lawrence Wayne Curry has written the Mani TV Series and also acted in it.

He also wrote While Expecting Cassius, Oasis and Young, Broke -N- Boujee. In his productions, he has released the Oasis TV series, Young Broke -N- Boujee, and While Expecting Cassius.

In addition, he acted in Grani Lee & Mani Lee in the Mani series, Juan in Bonejangles, Lawrence in Blurred, Vince in Shameless, Eddie in Castle, Bartender in New Girl, Leo in While Expecting Cassius, and many others.

Lawrence Wayne Curry
Lawrence Wayne Curry

Communication Process

  1. Reach Lawrence through social media especially his official LinkedIn profile [visit profile] and his Instagram page [theyounglc]. Soon after following his accounts, you will see a send message option nearest to his profile picture. Make use of the messaging option to communicate.
  2. Secondly, just do it with ease, and here is the official email address that you can use to contact him for business inquiries and other requests. Send emails to ““.
  3. You can either call his business telephone number or simply write to his fan mail address i.e. 100-498 East Dr, Baton Rouge, LA 70806, USA.
  4. Make use of his Facebook profile to establish successful communication through Facebook chat and messenger.

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