Connect Directly with Jentzen Ramirez: His Contact Details

Jentzen Ramirez is a teenage actor with successful career history and an amazing awards profile. There were little bit ups and downs in his early film career but he sustained his growth in the industry with the help of his talent, dedication, social media prominence and activities. He is a black belt in martial arts and has a very disciplined and physical life.

He also participated in becoming a social media influencer bandwagon when apps like TikTok and Vine rose in society and he created his account to create content inclusive of dance, lip-syncing, duets, and collabs. However, in this segment, he met many new teenage celebrities and befriended them. And his social media prominence was at a peak in the last few years and his accounts already hold millions of fans and subscribers.

Jentzen Ramirez’s YouTube subscribers reached the 2.8 million mark in 2024 and his Instagram followers are 1 million. He also has garnered 3 million fans on TikTok account.
Jentzen Ramirez (Young Actor)
Jentzen Ramirez

In the scenario, he first met with Sophie Fergi, who was also doing TikTok and stuff and got close to Jentzen. The couple dated each other for a year in 2020 and later split in 2020. Similarly, he got another new girlfriend who was a social media celebrity at that time as well named Elliana Walmsley. She is doing YouTube content these days whereas she has expertise in dance.

Coming to the Jentzen Ramirez contact process. It is easier in the current era of communication and mediums. We are here with multiple options starting from email addresses, phone numbers to social media accounts and so on. Below the information is given to establish a successful connection with the actor through different communication mediums.

Jentzen is registered with the Under Score Talent agency and he has been given an official domain email from the agency i.e. Moreover, he has his official webpage as well with an email address ““.

Dropping a direct message to Jentzen Ramirez’s social media inbox is a preferred option. It will be easier to just follow his social media account and get the best available option on the internet “Direct Message” to initiate a Chat as well as communication. Use his Instagram @jentzenramirez, and TikTok @JentzenRamirez for direct messages. Moreover, you can add him on Snapchat @jentzenlramirez for contact as well.

His house is located in Los Angeles California. To send postal mail, use his new house address i.e. “Actor Jentzen Ramirez, 1240 S Hope St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, United States of America.

He often collaborates with actress and internet celebrity Piper Rockelle. He often visits Piper’s house in Los Angeles for challenges and videos.

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