Faye Knightly Insights, Contact Instructions With Phone Number

Faye Knightly is popular for many reasons and her career is outshining in 2024 for many reasons! She is outstanding in content creation and eventually attracts a huge audience to her videos. Knightly collaborates with many popular web stars and influencers. She is a member of Rock Squad and is represented by Underscore Talent.

Prominent member of Rock Squad

Okay, it is the main reason for her prominence. Because Rock Squad is one of the famous collaboration groups on YouTube with 3.10 million subscribers which is managed by Nicole O’Rourke, a 44-year-old businesswoman and influencer.

However, Rock Squad is mostly hosting teenagers and they collaborate together for funny, comedy, pranks, challenges and sponsor videos. The group also promotes founder Nicole’s brands like Rock Your Hair.

In Rock Squad, Faye is to be seen creating videos along with other members including Lyla Tully, Jack Austin, Ryder Tully, Nayeli Lo Vera, and Anis Sienna along with a few others.

Rock Squad from Los Angeles
Rock Squad

Content Creation

She is best at content creation and that is why she is just 10 years old and such a famous personality on the internet. Faye Knighly’s self-title YouTube channel has nearly 70 videos and sustained 125K subscribers. As the channel was created on 21st November in 2021, to date it has received 25 million views.

Faye Knightly is a Young Influencer from Los Angeles.
Faye Knightly (RockSquad, Nova Kids)

Her Instagram @fayeknightly_ which has her recent photos, selfies, videos and BTS clips has earned 350K followers. Her account is managed by her parents and actress Piper Rockelle follows her on it.

Collaborations with other Influencers

The best thing about Faye’s content is that she always loves to collaborate with other fellow stars and personalities. She often creates solo videos but in the majority of videos, you will see her collaborations with young stars. As, she is already a part of the collaboration group Rock Squad and for that, she creates videos with fellow group members.

Along with that, she also creates videos with other than Rock Squad members. She has created videos with Influencers like Jentzen Ramirez, Salish Matter, Jordan Matter, Nidal Wonder, Elliana Walmsley, Gabi Palooza, Brooke Butler, Paxton Myler, Ashton Myler, and Payton Myler among others.

Contact Details and Instructions

Basically, she is a young influencer, and her accounts and contact mediums are managed and monitored by her parents. So, if you are writing to her or sending messages, these will go to her mother and then she will filter messages for Faye. So recommendations are to write easy-to-understand, appreciative and motivational messages to her so they actually reach her.

  1. Email Addresses: First you send a mail directly to Faye’s email id i.e “rocksquad@rocksquad@underscoretalent.com“. The secondary email is of Rock Squad i.e. “Rockdesk@rockyourhair.com.” Your message to Rock Squad email is also reachable to her through Nicole.
  2. She is signed with Under Score Talent, an organization that manages Talents is based in Los Angeles, California. You can visit www.underscoretalent.com/contact or info@underscoretalent.com for communication.
  3. In case of instant contact, you can use her phone number i.e. +1 213 302 6423. And her house address is not shared to fans for her privacy concerns. But, she is registering a new fan mail address which will be available in the coming months.

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