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Basic Introduction

Solage Ortiz is known for her contributions to her family’s YouTube channel Familia Diamond. In addition, she is a Model, young fashionista and social media influencer. She receives plenty of collaborations and business inquiries and her mother manages this task.

She is based in California and lives with her parents Esthalla Ortiz and Diezel Ortiz, and her siblings who are also popular celebrities named Txunamy, Ranger Ortiz, Ocean Ortiz, and Diezel Ortiz.

Solage Ortiz (Model & YouTuber)
Solage Ortiz

Familia Diamond

Familia Diamond is a family channel vlogging channel operated by the Ortiz family. Txunamy Ortiz is a popular member of the channel and the channel was created and managed by Esthalla Ortiz. Esthalla is the mother of Txunamy and Solage, and she manages their social media and inquiries. Somehow, now many family members has created their separate channels, and TikTok accounts as well.

Members of Ortiz Family and Familia Diamond Channel:
A. Esthalla Ortiz
B. Solage Ortiz
C. Diezel Ortiz
D. Sdiezzel
E. Txunamy Ortiz
F. Ranger Ortiz
G. Ocean Ortiz.

Contact for Business Inquiries

Other Projects

  1. She is a cast member of the Mani Brat TV series alongside Mia Talerico, Merrick Hanna, Txunamy, Hayley LeBlanc, Lawrence Wayne Curry, Bryson Robinson, Sophie Fergi, Coco Quinn, Evan Alex, Piper Rockelle, Isabella Leon and Aidan Bas among many others.
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  2. Saloge played the role of “Selina” in Chicken Girls, Mani, and Baby Doll Records. She worked with co-stars such as Mekai Curtis, Nina Lu, Aidan Alexander, Lauren Giraldo, Ariel Martin, Dylan Conrique, Johnny Orlando and several others.

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