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Basic Introduction of Joe Locke

Joe Locke was born Joseph William Locke on 24th September 2003 in Douglas, Isle of Man. He has completed his A levels in English, Politics, and History. He satepped into acting in 2021 with his debut in Heartstopper. Later, he acted in serials like Agatha and The Great Celebrity Bake Off for Stand Up To Cancer.

Surprisingly, in such a short span of time in the industry, he has already won the Queerty Awards for Performance in Heartstopper and the WhatsOnStage Awards for Best Professional Debut in The Trials.

Joe Locke FAQ

Since he portrayed CharlieSproing in the Heartstopper TV series, his fans got a number of inquiries to get answers. However, some main fan questions are answered in a way that fulfills their inquiry as well as adds value to their knowledge.

Which film or TV serial made him a popular actor?

Joe became a famous actor for portraying “Charlie Spring” in the TV serial “Heartstopper”

When is Locke’s Birthday and from where does he hail?

His birthdate is September 24, 2003, and he grew up in Douglas, Isle of Man.

What is Joe Locke’s girlfriend’s name?

He has no girlfriend yet. He is single.

Who are his best friends in the industry?

His best friends are mostly his fellow cast i.e. Kit Connor, Corinna Brown, Sebastian Croft, Willian Gao, Kathryn Hahn, and Aubrey Plaza.

What options are available to communicate with Joe Locke these days?

Some of the refined contact options are social media, email address, postal mail and phone number.

I need Joe Locke’s Phone Number, can I get it here?

+44 1624 444 321.

In case of sending fan mail to Locke, at what address should I post?

Joseph William Locke, 20 Rose Mount, Douglas, Isle of Man.

Is there any Joe Locke’s email address available?

His new email address is: “”

Any online method recommendations to communicate with Joe?

There are active Locke’s social media accounts which will help you to reach him out via direct and internal message functions.
1. Instagram [joelocke03]
2. Twitter [dailyjlocke]

Is Joe Locke gay?

Yes, he opened up at the age of 12 to his mother and accepted that he is gay.

Joe Locke is a Heartstopper actor.
Joe Locke
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