Singer Ice Spice: How to Get in Contact (Valid Options)

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Introduction to Singer Ice Spice

Isis Naija Gaston (Ice Spice) is a talented artist known for captivating performances and her unique style of singing. She has released her music with 10K Projects, Polydor and Capitol labels. She debuted with ERica Banks’ Buss It Challenge and her video went viral and she became an overnight celebrity.

Later, she continued her singing journey with the releases of singles Munch Feelin’U, In Ha Mood, Barbie World, Princess Diana, Pretty Girl, and her recent single “Think U the Shirt (Fart)” along with the studio album “Y2K”.

Ice Spice featured in Taylor Swift’s Karma in 2023 and she debuted with Lil Tjay for the single “Gangsta Boo” in 2023.

Contact Methods Overview

Explore various ways such as phone number, email, house address, social media, and others to connect with Singer Ice Spice as given in detail below.


Email address is a suitable and direct line for inquiries, bookings, collaborations, and appreciation.

Use email address:


Phone Number is a prioritized option for direct communication for urgent matters or detailed discussions.

Phone Number: +1 212 566 4343

Social Media

Follow Ice Spice, engage with her content, and send messages for personal connection.


Ice’s personal web page is a central hub for music, events, and comprehensive contact details.

Linktree Profile: Icespice

Physical Address

Send letters or mail for fan correspondence or business inquiries to the following Ice Spice House address:

Address 1: Isis Naija Gaston (Ice Spice), 640 E 5th St, New York, NY 10009, United States.
Address 2: Ice Spice c/o Capitol Records, 1750 North Vine Street Hollywood, CA 90028.

USA Phone: +1 (323) 462-6252

Singer Ice Spice Contact Details for Fans, Business Inquiries and other purposes.
Singer Ice Spice

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Answers to common queries about contacting Singer Ice Spice.

Can I request Ice Spice for interviews or appearances?

Yes, you can request interviews and other event appearances. First book an appointment with her and then follow the instructions provided by her.

What is the typical response time for messages sent to Ice Spice?

It varies from method to method. For emails and social media, it is around 1 -2 days. For postal mail, it’s 1 -2 weeks, and for phone numbers, it is often instant.

Does Ice Spice accept fan mail or gifts?

Yes, Ice Spice appreciates fan mail and occasional gifts. Please send them to the address provided.

Additional Information

Preferred contact hours: 10 AM to 9 PM

Language preferences: English


Connecting with Singer Ice Spice is now easier than ever, thanks to the social media and official email addresses. Fans are receiving a response from the Ice Spice earlier than expected. You should send her a message and appreciate her work.

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