How to Contact JOÃO FÉLIX (Soccer Player)?

There are dozens of ways by which you can establish successful and meaningful communication with Portuguese soccer player Joao Felix. João Félix Sequeira is a Forward and attacking midfielder player in Barcelona and Portugal’s national team. He is a friend of Gavi. Earlier, he has served OS Pestinhas, Porto and Benfica.

How to contact João Félix Sequeira?
Contact Soccer Player João Félix Sequeira

He was on loan to Chelsea in 2023 and then he moved to Barcelona on loan in late 2023. Moreover, he is given number 14 in the team. Joao is also affiliated with Adidas football and Polarissports.

Contact Joao Felix

Yes, it is totally possible to reach soccer player Joao Felix in 2024 and later, thanks to the technology and internet which enable many ways to communicate him. Some of the ways you can contact him include cell phone, WhatsApp, Facetime, Email, Postal Address and Social Media among others.

Contact Using Joao Felix phone number

This method allows calls, text messages, facetime and whatsapp. Because he has registered his WhatsApp and facetime on the same number i.e. +351 21 878 (JOAO). Moreover, it is recommended to contact him via phone number in daytime because he couldn’t attend call or messages in night. Somehow, you can send whatsapp anytime.

Contact through Joao Felix Email Address

His email address is Kindly, note down that email response back requires 2 -3 days.

Make use of Social Media

Another better option available to contact Joao is through social media. While using social media, you have to write a good message and without any extra things otherwise, it will be considered spam. However, you can use his Instagram @joaofelix79, twitter @joaofelix70 and facebook @joaofelix7official for contact purpose. There are several options available like voice calls, video calls, messages and inboxes for communication.

Postal Address and House Address of Joao Felix

His house address is “Joao Felix, R. Cruzeiro da Carvalha 11-5, Viseu, Portugal“.

Make Use of Fax Number

However, Fax service is available for business and official purposes only. It is accessible through the number +351 21 878 9909.


It is much easier to contact soccer player Joao Felix in recent years because social media and applications like whatsapp and facetime features connected fans to their celebrities and communication got much faster and conviennt. Moreover, fans always love to call Joao phone along with email messages.

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