YouTubers Francesca And Leah Communication Data


Youtuber siblings duo Francesca and Leah became famous from Magic Box Toys Collector channel which later named to Francesca And Leah. The channel has crossed 2 million subscribers in 2024 and has grown much popular in recent months.

Francesca is the elder sister of Leah, siblings are very collaborative with each other. Video is uploaded every Sunday as per their new schedule and the siblings aim is to have laughs on their subscriber’s faces.

Sisters duo share a variety of content including pranks, slimes, food challenges, sports activities, shopping vlogs, competitions, daily routines, and art projects among others. Some of the videos in collaboration with young YouTubers Ricardo Della Santina, KarinaOMG, GamerGirl, and RonaldOMG are also shared on their channel.

  • Francesca And Leah’s Email Address:
  • Francesca And Leah’s Phone Number: +1 312-595-5544.
  • YouTubers Francesca And Leah House Address: Francesca Ross, 600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611, United States.
  • Francesca And Leah YouTube channel:
  • Francesca And Leah Instagram:
  • Merchandise:

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