Contact Jude Bellingham with Number, Email and House Address

Soccer Player Jude Bellingham is reachable with his following contact instructions and information.

  • Jude Bellingham Email Address:
  • Jude Bellingham Postal/Residence Address: Soccer PlayerJude Bellingham, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY8 1DE, England, UK.
  • Contact Jude Bellingham Phone Number: +44 33 JUDE 8319
  • Jude’s Social Media Message/Voice: @BellinghamJude (X formerly twitter), @judebellingham (Instagram)

Timeline and Schedule for provided Contact Methods:

  1. For email address: You can send email anytime! Yes its a 24 hours recommended service and Jude can reply you back when he is free and read your email.
  2. For Postal Mail: A postal mail sent to Jude Bellingham will reach to his mailbox in a time period of 2 -3 days for local fan and if you are out of United Kingdom, then FedEx, DHL and UPSC service will deliver in 5 – 10 days. More probably, Jude will read and may write back to fewer fans.
  3. Social Media: If you send him social media message or voice note, then he will receive instantly and may reply back within 2 days or skip if he finds your message useless.
  4. Phone Calls and Messages: If you are calling him then kindly note that the recommended time is day time between 1PM to 8 PM.

Career Stats:

Player Birth NameJude Victor William Bellingham (Jude Bellingham)
DOB and AGE29 June 2003 | 20 Years Old
Current TeamsReal Madrid, England National Team
Net Worth€270m
Contract Expiry Year2029
Jude is a professional sportsman.
Jude Bellingham Career, Contact and Net Worth
Jude Bellingham Career, Contact and Net Worth

Jude Bellingham is a professional soccer player from England. He was a part of Birmingham City from 2019 to 2020 and Borussia Dortmund from 2020 to 2023. He became a member of Real Madrid in 2023.

His younger brother Jobe Bellingham is a soccer player and plays for Sunderland team.

In 2023, He was awarded La Liga Player of the Month 2 times, IFFHS Men’s World Team, Golden Boy, IFFHS Men’s Youth World Team and Globe Soccer Awards Emerging Player of the Year: 2023.

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