Meet Roonie Foden, Son of Soccer Player Phil Foden

Roonie Foden was born on January 22, 2019, a year before when his father created his separate Instagram page with username “officialronniefoden_”. Later, his TikTok account @official.ronniefoden was created to share content with the TikTok audience as well. However, these social media accounts made PhilFoden son more famous and a prominent young personality.

On Instagram, Roonie’s activities such as going to watch soccer matches, meeting soccer players, enjoying while his father plays, Street walks, going to relatives, touring a new city, dressing with his sister, riding a horse, eating food and swimming are shared. His Instagram followers are 4 million as of 2024.

Roonie Foden s/o Phil Foden
Roonie Foden s/o Phil Foden

Similarly, on TikTok, as account is managed by his parents Phil Foden and mother Rebecca Cooke. They share Roonie videos inclusive of dance, watching soccer matches and enjoying childhood. His current TikTok fans are 1 million.


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Ronnie Foden met with Manchester City and England National team players while attending his father Phil Foden’s soccer matches.

Contact details are almost the same as of his father because all the business inquiries and fan mail are amanged by Ronnie’s parents, especially his mother. However, you can send all fan mails, inquiries and calls to his father Phill Foden’s contact details like address and phone number as shared in this website. Moreover, Ronnie has a separate email account can send emails to his personal ID.

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