Who is Ami Charlize? How Can I Reach Her?

English TikTok Celebrity Ami Charlize
Ami Charlize

Who is Ami Charlize?

A viral internet sensation that saw significant growth on the TikTok platform in early 2024 and reached 4 million fans in a short span of time. Ami Charlize is another popular internet celebrity from England. In addition, she has created her YouTube channel and Instagram account to serve her online audience and followers on more than one social media platform.

She began posting lip-syncing, duets, and POVs videos on her account and also shared collaborated videos along with friends Grace Conder, Lilly May Hall, and boyfriend Alfie.

She was dating Alfie in 2022 but separated in 2023. Nowadays, she is single. Her siblings are also trying their luck on social media, especially sisters Robyn and Georgia May. However, she is inspired by famous TikTok celebrities like Addison Rae and Avani Gregg.

How to Reach Her?

There are multiple ways to reach her but here you will see only the working and authentic communication means such as email address, social media IDs, phone number, postal address, etc.

  • Try reaching her with ease by using her social media handles.
    (i) @amicharlize – Instagram
    (ii) @amicharlize – TikTok
    (iii) @AmiCharlizex – YouTube
  • Write to Ami Charlize’s email address @ ami@hldtalent.com.
  • She is managed by Hldtalent, so contact the agency to convey your message to her. info@hldtalent.com.
  • Send postal or fan mails: Ami Charlize, 70 Vincent St, London SW1P 4BS, United Kingdom.
  • In case of text messages and calls, use the number +44 20 7193 0067.

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