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The Norris Nuts is a YouTube family of 8 including parents Brooke Norris and Justin Norris, and 6 siblings named Disco Norris, Charm Norris, Sabre Norris, Socki Norris, Biggy Norris, and Naz Norris. The family creates YouTube videos inclusive of pranks, challenges, vlogs, games, fun and others.

Norris Nuts is one of the famous YouTube channels with 7.5 million active subscribers. The audience is mostly from Australia, America and the United Kingdom. There are occasionally 2 videos in a week and the members also released singles like the recent one “Vibe Killer by Biggy and Norris”.

They have launched an official merchandise as well where they sell Hoodies, Sport wear, Sleepwear, Gift Cards, Shirts and more on

The Norris Nuts Stats, Contact, and Content
The Norris Nuts

The Norris Nuts Statistics and Popularity Index

The Norris Nutts members often collaborate with other YouTubers and influencers for content and videos. To date, they have collaborated with prominent celebrities like The Ohana Adventure, FGTeeV, Rebecca Zamolo, Sis vs Bro, MasterChef Australia Junior, Family Fun Pack, Jojo Siwa, Shawn Johnson East, and Andrew Ear, Kids Fun TV, Ryan’s World, and others

Official Contact Information for Business and Deals

Contact MethodCommunication Information
Fan MailThe Norris Nuts, 44 Kitchener Parade, The Hill NSW 2300, Australia.
Phone Number+61 2 4923 8822
Whatsapp Number61249238822
Social MediaInstagram [norrisnuts], YouTube [The Norris Nuts], Twitter [thenorrisnuts], TikTok [@norrisnuts]

@sabrenorris@sockie.norris, @biggynorris@naznorris@disco.norris@charmnorris@justinnorris@brooke.norrisnuts

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