Who is Jules Coley and How to Contact Her?

Jules Coley Introduction

Juliette Coley also known as Jules Coley or Just Jules is an American influencer who has half a million subscribers on the self-titled YouTube channel. However, her journey began in 2023 by sharing gymnastics and fun content.

  • She has visited more than 15 countries.
  • Jules is Level 9 gymnastic.
  • She was a Beam Champ in 2020.
  • Gold Medalist in Region 8 2023.
  • She has the nationality of Spain, United States, and Chile.

She is garnering followers on Instagram as well where she has already collected 35k followers so far. In fact, she went viral in April 2024 because of her community post on YouTube where she requested her fans to vote on her famous birthday profile. Upon fan’s boosting the post, she became an overnight sensation and her wiki and other pages are created on numerous popular websites.

She posted on Community:

I don’t know how this happened lol but please boost me!! 🫶 And lol I found out you can boost as many times as you want 🤭 so go ahead and spam that button!! Love you guys and don’t forget to subscribe for the 600k giveaway!! 🥳💘also, I’m “hearting” everyones comment that boosts me! 🥴💗

Jules Coley (YouTube)
Jules Coley (YouTuber)
Jules Coley (YouTuber)

Just Jules

Hust Jules is the title of a YouTube channel being run by Juliette Coley. She is famous for her channel and most of her audience is on her aforementioned channel. She creates a mixture of content that is not limited to comedy, vlogs, gymnastics, fun, exercises, entertainment, and family content. Moreover, she has stated that her goal with this channel is to spread respect, love, kindness, and happiness around the world.

Future Plans

She has plans to become a professional Pilot for a commercial flight plane. For that, she is completing her graduation first and then will get admission for the pilot training. After getting a commercial license, she will be able to fly passenger planes.

How to Contact Jules Coley (Juliette Coley)?

To contact Jules Coley there are several communication methods given including telephone, email, postal address and social media addresses.

  1. Jules Coley Phone Number: +1 310 778 3324
  2. Email Address: ✉️ juliettecoley1@gmail.com (especially for PR Packages and Business Inquiries)
  3. Jules Coley’s Postal Address: 3758 T St, San Diego, CA 92113, USA.
  4. Social Media Addresses: Instagram = @juliettecoley, YouTuber = @JustJulesC.

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