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Rock Squad is a group of young Youtbers mostly based in California who work and create stuff collectively for a common YouTube channel “Rock Squad channel” which has 3.06 million subscribers. The group is a popular collaboration group in the town and it has hosted many prominent stars who later left for busy routines.

But still, the squad is hosting valuable stars and the content is still up to mark and much interesting for the audience. The basic genre of content is mostly adventures, lifestyle, fashion, beauty, entertainment, fun pranks, challenges and vlogs.

Present Members

  1. Faye Knightly ( View Instagram | View YouTube )
  2. Mayeli Lo Vera ( View Instagram | View YouTube )
  3. Giana Rose ( View Instagram | View TikTok )
  4. Ryder Tully ( View Instagram | View YouTube )
  5. Anis Sienna ( View Instagram | View YouTube )
  6. Jack Austin ( View Instagram | View Web )
  7. Lyla Tully ( View Instagram | View YouTube )
  8. Alli inngram ( View Instagram )
  9. Nicole O’Rourke ( View Instagram )
Rock Squad from Los Angeles
Rock Squad

Former Members

  1. AnnaKate Dooley
  2. Gabi Palooza
  3. Cayla Rose
  4. Giada Ryann
  5. Rush Holland Butler
  6. Kaileia Dixon
  7. Nidal Wonder
  8. Peja
  9. Jiji Wonder
  10. Brooke Butler

Founder & Manager

Interestingly, the eldest member of the group “Nicole O’Rourke” is a founder of the group and also manages it. She graduated from the University of Vermont (neuroscience) and lives in Los Angeles.

She also promotes her business “Rock Your Hair” through her group and online influence. Moreover, her daughter’s name is Brooke Butler and her son is Rush Holland Buttler.

She is working on Rock Fashion and Rock Talent businesses as well.

How to become a member?

Quite sure it is a group of young influencers and if you have already built your online presence and your Instagram or YouTube channel has reached nearly 1 million followers or subscribers then Rock Squad is the best opportunity for you to join. But only prominence is not an eligibility criteria, all the criteria are adjusted and approved by the founder Nicole. So, if she wants to add you to the group, that’s all! no other requirement is there. So, it is a good idea to give it a try!

Contact Email: (Nicole officially provided this email for work inquiries)

Phone Number: You can text or call @ (571) 384-3306.

Social Media: In fact it is easier to DM Nicole’s Instagram and other social media accounts to communicate. Use her Instagram id @nicoleorourkebeauty and LinkedIn profile @rockyourhair.

Where does the squad live?

The Rock Squad is based in Los Angeles, California and most of its members are also from various cities and towns of California.

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