Karolina Protsenko Email, Phone Number, Biography and Contact Addresses

In this topic, on request of Karloina fans, her email, phone, house, social media, career and biography details are added which will help them to communicate her and to learn her life updates and progress.

Karolina Protsenko Email Address:

She has made her email address public for fans and business inquiries. Send all of your inquiries and emails to her id i.e. karolina.protsenko@gmail.com

Postal Address of Karolina Protsenko:

Her house address to send presents and fan mails is: Karolina Protsenko, PO Box 941622 Simi Valley, CA 93094.

Karolina Protsenko’s Phone Number:

In case, you want to call or want to send text messages to Karolina, so here is her phone number “805.285.8786”.

Alternative Methods:

In the alternative, you can use her social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Facebook: @karolinaprotsenkoviolinist
  2. Instagram: @karolina_protsenko

Most of the time, she performs on the streets, you can find her performing and when she got free you can ask for an autograph and have a chit chat.

Moreover, she has set up a message form on her contact page of the merch website where you can send her a direct message using https://karolinaprotsenko.com/catalog/contact.

Career and Biography:

Karolina Protsenko was born in Ukraine and her family moved to the United States for better opportunities. She began playing violin at the age of 6 with the help of her father who is also a musician. Karolina stepped out of the house and began performing on the street where people appreciated her performance and motivated her to continue her journey.

  • Full Name: Karolina Protsenko
  • Birthdate: October 3, 2008
  • Age: 15 Years old
  • Birth Country: Ukraine
  • Current Residence Country: United States
  • Occupation: Violin Player, Musician
Karolina Protsenko
Musician Karolina Protsenko

Nowadays, she is a grownup girl who still plays violin and performs on California streets and often collaborates with other musicians. However, she debuted her album of violin covers My Dream. She features her brothers Leo and Nicholas in her videos.

She has played violin covers of popular songs of singers like Sabrina Carpenter, Beyonce, Shakira, Rihanna and Billie Eilish among others.

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