Introduction to Claire Rock Smith with Official Contact Methods

Claire Rock Smith Introduction

She is a content creator cum Actress who is famous for viral videos and TV series. However, he left his YouTube channel a year ago to focus on his acting career. However, she managed to hold 1 million YouTube subscribers and several million on other social media websites as well.

Acting Career

Claire is working hard and struggling for her acting career. She debuted with the Dhar Mann series in 2018 and continued working as an actress in mini-series and other series such as Lev Cameron, Piper Rockelle: Sidewalk (music video), Emily Dobson (mini-series), Ayden Mekus (TV Mini-Series), Who’s Claire, Friendzy Friday, Snowbound, Claire RockSmith 2022, Walk in My Shoes and Guess Clue 2025.

Claire Rock Smith Contacts
Claire Rock Smith (Actress)

She has collaborations and worked with celebrities like Ayden Mekus, Piper Rockelle, Emily Dobson, Jentzen Ramirez, Dhar Mann, Lev Cameron, Lilliana Ketchman, Mia Nina, Reese RockSmith, Devon, Alden Song, Sophie Fergi, Sherry Rene, and Brandon St.

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Claire Smith’s Family

His mother Ashley often appears in her videos and she has a sister named Reese Rock Smith. His father is busy with his business.

Dating Information

She has a dating history with actor Ayden Mekus. Both have worked together for content and had a good time together but unfortunately, their relationship did not last. She is single nowadays.

Official Contact Methods

Only official contact methods are given here. There may be more methods available on the internet but here I have only added official and authentic contact information for her fans as she has given on YouTube and other websites.

Fan Mail Address

Claire Rock Smith, 3626-3618 Tuxedo Rd NW, Atlanta, GA 30305, USA

Email Address

Phone Number

(404) 885-7822

Social Media Presence

Instagram [clairerocksmith]

TikTok [@ashandclaire]

Cameo [clairerocksmith]

YouTube [@ClaireRockSmith]


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